About Us

How We Got Started…..

Its simple.

We are shooters that love to reload and have been doing it for some time.  We learned early on that reloaded ammunition can be a Quality product, if manufactured properly.  It can also be more accurate, economical and more environmentally friendly than first loaded ammunition.

When you are putting holes in paper at 25 yards, we thought these were the important qualities in target ammunition.  With our Engineering capability and 6 sigma certified Quality team, we also learned that it can be done safely while providing a premier product.

We decided to share these products with you.


The Noble Armory Target Ammunition

US manufacturing of quality ammunition for people in the US.  Recommended for range target shooting.

We take pride in our ammunition and welcome all feedback.

Federally Licensed Manufacturer of Ammunition.  Fully Insured.

Please feel free to drop us a line by going to our Contact Us page.


-thanks from the folks at The Noble Armory